Humanising Content the AI Way: A Case Study

Running late from the office, you once again realise you no longer have the energy to prepare dinner. You enter home, open your phone, and ask Alexa to play your relaxing jam before Google reminds you it's time for dinner, and would you like to order your comfort dessert at 60% off? "Ok Google, repeat the same takeout order from [xyz]". You are relieved, you don't have to cook. You toy with the idea of taking a leave. Your assistant is enthusiastic, can handle clients patiently, ruthlessly chases down leads, and will…

The corporate lifestyle has often come under fire for being harsh, demanding, and exhausting to name a few. It has been criticised for turning a blind eye too often to the needs of the employees, and for being inhumane. The rising population did not help matters, as workers were reduced to statistics and everyone was deemed replaceable.

Nobody was therefore prepared for the changes that 2020 and the pandemic brought along. All of sudden, everyone was startlingly aware of their mortality. With waves of the virus infecting a significant chunk of the workforce, and rising deaths, all of a sudden…

The celebration of love is around the corner. Everyone is excited and looking for ways to surprise their loved ones. It is a must to celebrate it in the best places in your city. There is no compromising when it comes to making your loved ones happy. Food is a major part of any special occasion, it can really make our beauty happy. This valentines day, take your lover for a great delightfully at the most loved and best restaurant. Below are 10 Best Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, check it out.

Lono Tropical Lounge

An Hawaiian tropical lounge to make your day…


The restaurant industry shows good potential which is leading many people to go in that direction when it comes to business. Entrepreneurs are eagerly entering the food and beverage world with so much enthusiasm and passion. The bar of competition is raised so high in this scenario, so delivering the best is very important.

Here, taking the correct decision is very important. We have examples of many startups going down, because of negligence in making the right decision at the right time. You have to pave your way down along with growing. There are indeed a lot of things to…

Everyone who has visited Bangalore will agree to the point that, Bangalore offers a lot to explore, along with the amazing weather. Bangalore is a very vibrant city, with a lot of fun things to do. Especially on a special occasion like Valentine's day, it's the best place to give surprises to your loved ones. The city of Bangalore is so alive, that the emotion of togetherness happens naturally. If you are looking for something charming to do for your soulmate, you are in the right place!

Connect with Nature and your soulmate

Celebrate this Valentine's day connecting with nature. Let it be on top of…

Online- Food- Marketplace- A- Good- Startup- Idea
Online- Food- Marketplace- A- Good- Startup- Idea

The term ‘Online Food Marketplace’ itself might be very new to everyone. What is an Online food marketplace? isn’t that the question that comes to mind instantly? Here is everything you need to know. New innovative apps in online food ordering have made their place over the last few years. Your passion for creating a venture in the online food marketplace can determine the outcome if you go on the right path.

Online Food Ordering Marketplace

Developing an online food marketplace from scratch is very hard. It takes absolute willpower to put in the effort, create an app and especially market it in the…

An essential factor for the restaurant to achieve success in any social media platform is food photography. The engagement in social media can be increased drastically with sensational photography of food and ambience. It can also help in increasing profits and will give your brand popularity. The importance of food photography in today's world is far-reaching. The restaurant businesses must invest time, money and effort in food photography.

Let it be a pub, restaurant or a cafe, to do promotion online having creative food photography is very necessary. It helps in developing social media appeal for your F&B business. However…


The food ordering services was revolutionized over time with technology. It has played a significant role in changing every traditional way of how it was before. The old phone-based food ordering is entirely taken by the online food ordering system. This change is an expansion of the relationship between customer and restaurant.

The phone-based ordering system limits the engagement but whereas the online ordering is more vital and customer-centric. It is like the most convenient way to place an order as it happens with a few clicks. …


The greatest visionaries even doubted the impact that the internet could have on the world, but it has done the magic. Big smartphone brands like Symbian and Nokia, has come down to 4% in the global market share. It is a very relevant example of how the internet has influenced big brands every time, as these brands couldn’t predict a future with the internet. The new generation has predicted the outcome of digital influence for the growth of a company and made smart moves which resulted in gradual development globally. Brands like Google paved their way along with the time…

There is nothing more interesting than saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming the New Year. We all are ready to party and step into the next year, but this time it is necessary to be cautious. There are many places in Bangalore where the safety measures are maintained very well. You can party hard without any worries. At Explorex, we have all the best and premium restaurants in your city. You can pre-order get yourself a great experience at these awesome places on New Year. Check out these great places to celebrate New Year with your friends and family.

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